About Us

Kevul Jewelry is born from a passion for fashion jewelry and to make women financially independent. We want to promote artisans, hand made artifacts and affordable jewelry that enhances a woman’s aura. 

In this digital age, we believe doing business online should be possible as much as doing business with a brick-n-mortar store. Here at Kevul Jewelry, we embrace technology to reach a global audience, customers and build a lovely, positive and encouraging community that makes the world a little bit better than it already is. 

We believe in gender equality and focused on having the financial independence to put our time and effort towards the most important thing in our lives.. i.e, family. We strive to help our friends in need to do every bit we can to uplift them to make them stand on their feet. 

Integrity and honesty are at the core of our business values and we put our heart and soul in maintaining those at every step of our business process. We trust, everyone involved from start to end in every process of our business to join hands and build a thriving community.